Ahmad Juliansyah

About Me

Development Supervisor

Ahmad Juliansyah, S.Kom, M.M.Inov, MTa, fcns, C|EH, CGEIT , CISA, CISM, C|SCU, AWS-te, AWS-arc

As Development Supervisor of ICT Office (DSTI UTS)

As Supervisors, we must be able to carry out the trust that has been given and be able to synergize well between employees who are under us and with our directors. It can be said that we as supervisors act as a bridge between the manager and the executive staff.

In the development division, we currently focus more on the system administrator’s job, in the form of managing, supervising, and configuring all Servers and System Software that make up an infrastructure where there are company applications and data. These systems include email servers, web / FTP servers, print servers, development, test, and production servers. Each server may be based on different technologies depending on company standards.