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Ihwan Khuldi

Network Supervisor

Ihwan Khuldi

As Network Supervisor of ICT Office (DSTI UTS)

As Supervisors, we must be able to carry out the trust that has been given and be able to synergize well between employees who are under us and with our directors. It can be said that we as supervisors act as a bridge between the manager and the executive staff.

In the network technology division, we currently focus more on network administrator work, we are responsible for all cables, hubs / switches, network security, routers, gateways, firewalls, and other network-related matters. We also monitor network traffic and make efficiency / upgrades before demand exceeds capacity.

As network administrators, we are responsible for researching the application, access, and data transfer required. Then determine the most optimal solution and negotiate a contract with the vendor. Good needs assessment, capacity planning, and implementation can reduce costs.